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About Yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that involves physical postures, breath awareness, breathing exercises, relaxation, concentration, self-inquiry, and meditation. Adults and children alike can experience many benefits for the body and mind through attending regular yoga classes. A few benefits you may enjoy are listed below:​

  • builds strength and flexibility

  • improved posture

  • deeper sleep

  • improved balance

  • assistance in reducing anxiety and depression

  • can aid in weight loss

  • supports your immune system

  • may improve memory and concentration

  • helps build sense of self and therefore can boost self-esteem & confidence

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About Yoga Moves West

Yoga Moves West is a local Wyndham yoga school aimed at making yoga accessible and inclusive to everyone who wishes to participate. We are a small team of dedicated teachers who aspire to create a safe, nurturing space where students can be challenged, nourished, energised and relaxed - physically, mentally and spiritually.



*Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching from Academy of Yoga Learning & CAE (2009)

*Certified LV Chair Yoga Teacher (2020)

*Advanced Certificate in Guiding & Teaching Meditation & Mindfulness from ACMM (2023)

*Yoga for Healthy Ageing from Yoga Therapy Institute (2023)

*Yoga Australia Level 2 registered Yoga Teacher

Catherine Sullivan

Catherine's yoga journey began at university, as a physical practice to compliment her dance training. She discovered the classes energised her from within and she felt positive ripples throughout her life. Her wish to explore the practice more deeply led her to undertake her initial teacher training graduating in 2009.

​Catherine taught in various locations throughout Melbourne before crossing the bridge and moving to the thriving western suburbs with her family. Once there, she opened Yoga Moves West in 2015 with a desire to share the many benefits she has experienced through yoga to her local community.


Catherine's yoga passions are teaching vinyasa flow, chair yoga and meditation and through kind thoughtful instructions she encourages students to listen to their bodies and practice at their own pace as variations are given to suit the needs of different shapes and skill sets.


​​Catherine believes everyone, no matter their age, experience, and ability, can boost health and wellbeing from a regular yoga practice, and still passes on the wise words of an early teacher and mentor ...

"Whatever you do, yoga will help you do it better."

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