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All Yoga Moves West classes are designed to be inclusive with absolute beginners and experienced yoga lovers all welcome. Variations are tailored to suit the needs of different bodies and skill sets. No matter your age, fitness or flexibility, our classes allow you to work at your own pace with the availability of bolsters, blocks and straps for a supportive and safe practice.

Vinyasa Flow

Classes generally start with a breathing practice that then moves into a series of yoga poses that synchronises breath and movement, and we always finish with a nourishing relaxation and mini-meditation.

Wednesdays at 7.30pm
Saturdays at 10.30am

Chair Yoga

Practicing with a chair means everybody can reap the benefits that yoga has to offer regardless of age, experience and ability. Taught with a wide range of variations and modifications, students can adapt the poses to suit their own personal needs. 

Fridays at 11.30am

Yin Yoga

Time slows right down in our yin class. We use props to support us while we hold poses for longer periods, allowing us to dissolve the stiffness in our connective tissue and give our minds space to just be.

Thursdays at 7.30pm

Private Yoga

A private yoga class allows you to ask all the questions you need to ask but often don't get a chance to. If you are confused about alignment and wondering what variations are suitable for your body, a private class may be just what you're looking for.

All classes held at Iramoo Community Centre - 84 Honour Avenue, Wyndham Vale

All face to face classes have returned to the studio

Temporary COVID Measures

Please wear your mask to and from the studio and please sign into the centre using the QR code on the hall door. If you have your own mat and props please bring them to class. Studio mats and props are available to use but we ask that you clean them before and after use with the cleaning aids provided and if you are planning on using studio bolsters, please bring a towel to cover. Communal water will not be available, so please bring your own water bottle and if feeling unwell, please stay home.



Studio Membership

$25 per week

Unlimited weekly yoga classes

Best value for 2 or more classes weekly

Introductory Special


7 day studio class for new students only

Perfect to get started

10 Class Pass


10 classes valid for 6 months

Ideal for those looking to attend once a week

Casual Class


Pay as you go

Single class purchase

Chair Yoga


45 min class with chairs provided

Accessible practice for all 


Tailored Yoga Programs

We can bring "Yoga to You", wherever that may be ...

 We can work with you to tailor one-off programs for your group or for a special event (for example we have delivered to a group of ladies to start off their Hen's Day, and worked with The Scouts and various sporting clubs).

We love working alongside you to help fulfill your vision.

Yoga at School

Yoga Moves West offers a range of specialised incursion programs bringing all the wonderful benefits of yoga directly to the classroom. We are able to work with your school to design a program that builds on current curriculum or around specific themes and can offer a special one-off class or a series of classes. 

If you are a kindergarten, primary school or secondary school and would like to know more, please get in touch and lets chat about how yoga can work for your school.

And teachers, we haven't forgotten you - we can also bring yoga to your workplace.

Yoga at Work

Yoga at work can help lower stress levels, improve productivity and boost morale. All we need is a little room (generally a boardroom with the tables and chairs pushed aside) and a little time (usually a lunchtime) and the yoga can do the rest.

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About Yoga Moves West

Yoga Moves West is a local Werribee yoga school aimed at making yoga accessible to everyone who wishes to participate by offering affordable, specially designed yoga classes. We are a small team of dedicated teachers who aspire to create a safe, nurturing space where students can be challenged, nourished, energised and relaxed - physically, mentally and spiritually.

Catherine Sullivan

Catherine's yoga journey began at university, as a physical practice to compliment her dance training. She discovered the classes energised her from within and she felt positive ripples throughout her life. Her wish to explore the practice more deeply led her to undertake her initial teacher training graduating in 2009.

​Catherine taught in various locations throughout Melbourne before crossing the bridge and moving to the thriving western suburbs with her family. Catherine opened Yoga Moves West in 2015 with a desire to share the many benefits she has experienced through yoga to her local community.

​Catherine loves teaching the Vinyasa Flow and Meditation classes at YMW and is thrilled to now offer regular Chair Yoga classes.

​Catherine believes everyone, no matter their age, experience and ability, can boost health and wellbeing from a regular yoga practice.

*Yoga Australia Level 2 registered Yoga Teacher

*Yoga Australia registered Children's Yoga Teacher

*Certified LV Chair Yoga Teacher

Samantha Sepulveda

Samantha’s passion for learning has taken her down some wonderful paths. For most of her life, Samantha has suffered from anxiety, and how to deal with it was always a challenge.

She discovered that moving her body helped her immensely: karate and rock climbing were positive influences at the beginning of her journey to well-being.

Samantha has walked down many diverse career paths and has worked with a variety of artists and designers. For many years, she also worked as a florist and chef.

Good food, exercise and mental health have always been her main priority, even more so since becoming a mother.

She discovered yoga 10 years ago and has found her true passion as a teacher. Always a student, she continues to expand her knowledge,  and her daily practice brings her calmness, balance and mental clarity.

Samantha's purpose as a yoga teacher is to guide her students to develop and grow not only in their yoga practice, but in their everyday lives.

About Yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that involves physical postures, breath awareness, breathing exercises, relaxation, concentration, self-inquiry, and meditation. Adults and children alike can experience many benefits for the body and mind through attending regular yoga classes. A few benefits you may enjoy are listed below:​

  • builds strength and flexibility

  • improved posture

  • deeper sleep

  • improved balance

  • assistance in reducing anxiety and depression

  • can aid in weight loss

  • supports your immune system

  • may improve memory and concentration

  • helps build sense of self and therefore can boost self-esteem & confidence


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