Yoga for Children

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Children today live in a busy world - is yoga the antidote to the current modern "hurry-up" world our children find themselves in?

Children today live in a busy world - a world of busy parents, school pressures, competitive sports, extra-curricular activities and lessons, video games, social media (depending on age), and homework to name a few. These outside influences and pressures can be stressful to children and can affect their inner experience and innate joy. Yoga for kids can help counter these pressures by teaching techniques that help develop healthy bodies, healthy minds, and healthy spirits.

The benefits children can gain from yoga are enormous. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, body awareness and through safe moving children can learn to feel comfortable in their own unique body. Additionally, their concentration and sense of calmness improves, they are more able to relax and sleep better, and they can learn how to cope with stressful situations. In kids yoga classes children exercise, play, connect to their creative and imaginative selves, are kind to themselves and others and begin to understand that they are perfect just as they are.

An overview of what we offer for different age groups:

Kids 4 to 7 years - the class for lower primary school students is designed to introduce yoga to children in a fun and playful way through games, storytelling and creative play, making the most of their vivid imaginations. Children are taught age-appropriate breathing exercises, postures, and relaxations in a peaceful and safe environment.

Kids 8 to 12 years - the "tween" class for upper primary school students will help lay the foundations for healthy bodies, minds and spirits. We do this by moving through physical postures developing body awareness, breathing exercises aimed to help steady emotions and relaxations to calm the mind - we may also throw in some fun partner work and yoga games.

Teenagers 13 to 17 years - the first aim of the teen classes is to get teens moving! Physical postures are explored with an emphasis on balance and stability, helping build strength, flexibility, and improving posture. Our second aim is to get teens to relax, log out, and unwind. Delivered in a relaxed and safe space, teens are encouraged to get out of their thinking mind and into their feeling body while letting go and having fun.

Sound good? Yoga Moves West can bring all the benefits of kid's yoga directly to your classroom! We are a small team of specially trained children's yoga teachers who can work with you to develop a one off incursion or a series of classes around themes you are currently exploring.

We have worked within childcare centres, kindergartens, primary schools, and Scouts Australia and would love to come to your school or organisation - all we need is a large, cleared space and a few minutes to set up.

Please get in touch with any questions or comments - we are always happy to talk yoga!

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